Gift-giving is always a struggle when you’re getting a present for someone you love. You want the gift to be special and memorable. But a simple trip to the store won’t help when you’re shopping for something like that. Find something that they’ll really like and consider their passions and life when looking for it. Otherwise, your gift won’t hit them the way you want. If you’re worried about finding the perfect gift, try using these tips for choosing and giving a memorable gift.

Send the Right Message

Giving a gift is all about sending the right message with your present. Every gift you give to someone says something about your relationship. Handing someone a bit of cash isn’t a horrible present, but often, it shows that you don’t care about the person. A gift that doesn’t have thought put into it is a bad gift. That doesn’t mean that you need a very complex present. It just means that your gift should be for the person you’re giving it to.

Look for Ways To Help

A huge way to figure out a good gift is to focus on what the person needs. If you are close with this person, they’ll likely tell you about problems in their life. Remember these, as they can be helpful for future gift ideas. If they don’t tell you about their issues, look at what they seem to struggle with. If they have problems with carrying laundry or their car heating up, you can buy things that’ll solve these problems. This will show that you actually listen and pay attention to them and care enough to help them.

Don’t Give Them Work

Along that same line of thought, don’t give someone a gift that entails lots of work for them. Giving someone a surprise dog might sound like a great gift, but it might place unnecessary pressure on them. Not everyone is ready for the extra responsibility your gift might give them. So, avoid anything they need to care for unless they ask you specifically or you get permission before getting the gift. You also want to steer clear of presents that require heavy maintenance, as they often become more of a nuisance than a boon for the recipient.

Look for Things They’ll Use

One thing you need to keep in mind while searching for the best gift is how often they’ll use what you get them. You’ve likely received a gift that you never used. This might be because it just didn’t fit your needs or interests. You want to avoid that at all costs. Therefore, look for things you know they’ll use. You can even buy improvements to things they currently use to ensure it’s something they’ll enjoy. A thicker blanket or better keyboard are great examples of things that people might like and replace their current items to use instead.

Practicality Is Better Than Looks

Many people think the gift’s outer appearance is the most vital part of the present. However, it’s the meaning that’s important. Even if you buy an expensive ring or piece of artwork, the gift will be pointless if the recipient doesn’t use it. While getting the shinier version of a desirable item can elevate the present, getting something purely for its looks with no regard for the recipient’s tastes isn’t ideal. This doesn’t mean you should avoid items because they look good. Just make sure that it hits your target audience as well.

Find What Links You Together

Another angle you can try is getting a gift that’s part of what brings you and the recipient together. A night that calls back to your first date or a new fishing rod for your fishing friend can work well. These show that you remember what brings you together. Further, they celebrate that bond you have. Just be sure that the gift’s something they’ll use, and you should be golden.

Involve Others

If you’re having problems finding a heartfelt gift, asking others for help is always an option. An outside perspective can be great for inspiration and the perfect way to identify an ideal gift. It also shows that you care enough to look for outside help, as many people won’t go that far to find the perfect present.

Avoid Consumables

Avoid giving items that only work for a short time or break after one use. Although a drink can make a good gift, it often doesn’t work as a memorable one. Anything that only lasts a short time won’t make that lasting impression you’re looking for. It's best to stick to things that endure. However, this isn’t the case for all gifts, as you’ll soon see.

Give Experiences

Experiences are exciting and memorable gifts. You pay for an event or activity instead of an item with these. Things like trips or museum visits count as experiences. These can be the greatest gifts, as long as the person enjoys them. There really isn’t a present that compares to a good trip, and you can even join the recipient on the experience to make it even more special.

Create It Yourself

If none of these gift ideas seem to be what you’re looking for, you can always create a gift yourself. Handmade items and artwork can be some of the best presents, as they’re unique and show how much you care for the person. However, if you feel unsure about crafting something yourself, custom work can be great as well. Finding a local artist to make something for your loved one can result in a precious gift.

Ask the Recipient

The last of these tips for choosing and giving a memorable gift is to directly ask the person you’re getting the gift what they want. Sometimes, you just can’t find the perfect gift. At other times, the things that come to mind are too huge or expensive. In these cases, it’s best to ask the recipient’s opinion to get some ideas from them. This can be a bit anticlimactic, but the person in question will know what they want best. Therefore, they’ll give you the best recommendations for presents. So, when you’re browsing an online gift store, you’ll be able to find an ideal gift for your loved ones. Keep these tips in mind to find something they’ll always remember fondly.

Tips for Choosing and Giving a Memorable Gift
August 25, 2021 — Iryna Vistovska