Some people simply have too much stuff. It lines their walls, piles up on their furniture, and they always struggle with finding a place for anything new. There’s nothing wrong with this, as people should live their life the way they want; but it does make it a lot harder to get them gifts without putting pressure on them to clean up. That’s why you should check out these useful gift ideas for someone who has too much stuff.

Digital Gifts

To start, aim for gifts that take up as little room as possible. That’s why digital gifts can be such a good idea. People can store tons of amazing gifts on their phones that take no physical space. Plus, digital gifts can be extremely useful for the recipient. Just make sure they own a device that can hold the gift before you get it.

Online Classes

A digital gift nearly everyone would love to receive is a payment for an online class. Although this gift can be a miss if you don't sign them up for the right class, most people have something they want to learn more about. Whatever it is, there’s going to be a class that teaches about that subject, and you can give it to them. Just be sure that they really want to learn more about this thing, and they have the time to commit—otherwise, the gift will go to waste.

Streaming Services

With the widespread popularity and growth of the internet came a wealth of streaming services that offer countless shows and movies. These services often come with subscriptions payments that you can pre-pay and give to someone, thereby giving them access to the service. Streaming services range from pure entertainment shows, documentaries, and more. There are even online classes. Whatever service you get, the recipient will have countless titles to watch for months to come.

Video Games

A lot of people love relaxing and winding down with a video game in their free time. You can help them by getting them a game they really want (or maybe even surprise them if you know their tastes well enough.) The recipient will love and cherish your gift for months to come. Take a look at their wish list and see what they want. Then, you can revel in their joy when they unwrap their game. For the gamer in your life, this will make the perfect gift.

Audio Media

Now that so many people are working from home, audio media has exploded in popularity as everyone listens to podcasts and books. This is a perfect opportunity to give a podcast subscription or audiobook subscription to someone you love. The gift takes up no room and provides hours of entertainment. It can even increase productivity. It really is the perfect gift for anyone who has a job where they can listen to audio and work at the same time.

Experiences and Activities

Some other great gift ideas for someone who has too much stuff include activities such as day trips and outdoor adventures. These gifts get people out of their homes to have fun (and perhaps do something they’d never do otherwise.) These gifts are great for anyone who has too much physical stuff because they don’t add anything directly to the person’s home.

Gym Membership

One easy gift that doesn’t clutter a home is a gym membership. Working out can help improve someone’s quality of life. However, you can’t give this present without checking with the recipient first—you wouldn’t want to accidentally send the wrong message. Unless you know they’re actively looking for a gym, your present might come off as an insult or a pointless gift if they don’t plan on using it.

Museum Passes

A day museum pass—or even a yearly one—can be a great gift, especially if you know the recipient already loves museums! A trip to a museum can make for a great day out; the recipient can learn all sorts of facts they did not know. If you give them a yearly pass, they’ll have the opportunity to go more frequently. They might even get lost in the museum for hours. What better proof could you want as a sign that your gift was a success?


Sometimes the greatest present you can give is the gift of getting away. Most people want to travel and explore the world a bit. You can give them the chance while adding nothing physical to their home. Your best bet is to give them the gift and then working with them to plan all the details. If you don’t, you could risk the gift failing since they’d be unable to accept and go on the trip due to timing and circumstance.

Consumable Goods

There’s a time where it’s okay to give someone a present that adds to their stuff—and that’s when it’s consumable. It’s a gift that they can use a few times and then be done with it. Some examples include candles or lotion. While these gifts do take up space, they do so only temporarily. The benefit is of a consumable gift is that it can massively improve the recipient's life when they use it, therefore making it well worth the temporary loss of space. Below are some great examples of other consumable gifts.

Homemade Food

One great gift that everyone can enjoy is some good homemade food. Bringing over a full plate of cookies or making a whole meal for your friend can make their day and won’t take up space for long. Plus, you get to show off your cooking skills (and can entertain a wider audience if you make enough food for others.) The only problem is the calories you might gain from eating your own creation. Watch out for any potential allergies.

Luxury Bath Products

One product that everyone uses is toiletries. Soaps and shampoo can only last for so long. That’s why a bath set can serve as a great gift for a friend, especially if it’s a luxury bath and body gift set that doubles as self-care. Items such as bath bombs, bath salts, and specialty soaps are very popular right now.


One consumable gift people often forget about is a self-care kit. These gift sets don’t usually last too long and can really help someone relax and take care of themselves. Thus, they make for a great present for anyone who needs relaxation—especially if they already have a lot of things. Help them relax from the clutter with a great self-care kit.

There are many other useful gift ideas for someone who has too much stuff outside of what’s on this list. However, by following the themes in this guide you can come up with gifts your recipient will love.

Useful Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Too Much Stuff
September 21, 2021 — Iryna Vistovska