Bryan Anthonys A Love That Runs Deep Necklace Gold


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Wonder of all wonders, she is like the ocean — love in constant motion. The love that anchors you but also moves you — your first and always home, she is the embodiment of everything familiar and all that is possible. The medicine for your soul, her presence is the cure that makes everything seem better. Her love shows you the way, yet inspires you to create a current of your own. An untamed force that breathes a life of its own, covering the furthest corners of the earth — it will shatter storms and withstand the pull of the moon in the name of your heart. Pure unparalleled love — she is a seen space for your vibrant hues and darkest blues. Her heart will love you whole and her soul will love you in its entirety. When the weight of the world becomes too heavy to hold, she carries your worries like her own. Her strength gives rise to your waves and her softness is the sanctuary that keeps you afloat. Heart healer. Storm chaser. Tear catcher. Finder of all that is lost and keeper of all that is sacred. Mom, you are love in all its forms. I never knew the depths of love until I swam in yours. Through the high and lows, fallen waves and rising tides, your love shifts shapes to fill the spaces of my heart, yet never loses the essence of its core. An ever-evolving, ever-growing, ever-deepening, limitless love that never breaks — just transforms. Drenched in your wisdom, covered in your strength, carried by your laughter, and shaped by your heart — everything I am is because of your waters. The foundation of my love, you showed me what it is like to be loved wildly. To be loved infinitely. To be loved with everything. To be loved through anything. A love like the ocean — a love through it all.

Designed by Bryan Anthonys
Base Material: Brass
Length: 16" Adjustable, 2" Built-in Extender
Pendant Dimensions: 20 x 5 mm
14k Gold (nickel-free)


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