Getting the right gifts for someone with a newborn and trying to find something that fits their new needs can itself feel like a chore. However, this becomes even harder when this isn’t their first child as they already have a lot of the basic goods and tools they need. So, what do you get for them at the baby shower? Try these baby shower gift ideas for moms who already have kids.


A large part of every mom’s day goes toward taking care of their children. That’s why a babysitter is such a great gift for them. Even if it’s just for a day, it’ll give them a chance to recharge and relax instead of constantly taking care of the kids. If you offer to watch the kids yourself, you don’t need to find a babysitter, thus making this the ideal gift.


To go along with babysitting, giving the gift of pampering can help a mom to destress. A day at the spa or a massage can be exactly what a mother needs and allow them a moment to relax and take care of themself. Just this simple gift can turn around a bad moment and help them get through a tough time.


Every home needs more space to hold stuff, and getting a new family member makes this problem worse. That’s why it’s a good idea to lessen that need by getting storage organizers and boxes to help add more room to the home. It’s usually best to gift universal storage if you don’t know proper measurements, and that way, it will always fit the new mom’s home.

Photo Session

Every time a family grows, it’s best to show that in pictures. Everyone loves having a set of family photos to decorate the house, and this will help make that happen. Buying a photo session so they can update their family photos is a great gift and something they will remember for a long time.

Cleaning Services

A new child means a new mess. Keeping up with one kid is hard enough, but a new baby will only make it harder to keep the house clean. Cleaning services can help to alleviate this pressure and free up a lot of time for everyone in the house. Even if it’s only for one day, a cleaning service can help a mother catch up.

Baby Clothing

A family with multiple children does have several major advantages over families with a single child, and extra clothing is one of them. Hand-me-downs will save the family a lot of money on clothes and other things, as they won’t need to buy new ones as soon as the baby grows. However, baby clothes don’t always survive as long as we would hope, and new ones are always helpful. You can always get some baby clothing accessories as gifts to fill this problem. When babies grow so fast, a mother can never have enough outfits for them.

Personalized Items

A great gift for any time, but particularly for baby showers, is a personalized item. This includes things like jewelry or clothing with the initials of the baby or perhaps a throw pillow with the baby’s name on it. Decorative items unique to the family can add a lot to a home and help with welcoming the new baby.

Comfort Clothes

Although the baby can always need more clothes, don’t forget about the mother. Try to get clothes that work for comfort, like pajamas or sweats, when buying for the mom: ideally, things that can be worn around the house or when doing work from home. This gift shows how much you care about the mother outside of her kids.

Streaming Services

Although the newest addition to the family doesn’t need it, everyone else will love a subscription to the growing library of movies and shows on these services. This gift provides endless entertainment for the adults and the children, making it one of the best gifts that everyone will love.

Baby Care Items

One of the biggest expenses for a mother of multiple children is the care products. Diapers and formula can cost a lot of money over time, so getting some of these supplies for a new baby can save a lot of money and time for a family. Best of all, having them available will help reduce the pressure a new baby can place on them.

Supplies for Older Kids

Although the new baby is the major focus of any baby shower, the other kids in the family can also make great targets for gifts. Instead of buying clothes for the baby, get some supplies that the other kids might need. For example, you can look for gifts that will help the mom, such as new clothes or food. Entertainment options for the older kids will also help the mom, so she can focus on the newborn.


Getting a set of tickets to a museum or another fun experience can be one of the best gifts to a family. It lets everyone get out of the house and experience the world, and, at the same time, it can bring the whole family closer together to bond over the shared experience. Just keep in mind that they might be bringing along a young baby, so they can’t do anything too intense with the newborn.

Baby Carrier

One tool that can make child raising a lot easier is a baby carrier. This device helps a mother carry their child without the use of their hands, which allows them to do other things while properly taking care of the baby. This gift doesn’t conflict with a stroller as well, meaning you don’t need to worry about a hand-me-down stroller already in the house from the last child.

Now, these are a few of the best baby shower gift ideas for moms who already have kids. As you can see, these gifts try to take the mother and whole family into account, not just the newborn baby. If you get one of these gifts, you’ll be giving something the mother can truly appreciate and use.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Moms Who Already Have Kids
June 30, 2021 — Iryna Vistovska