Becoming a new mother is possibly the biggest change in someone’s life. With a whole new set of expectations and trials, it’s difficult to adjust and prepare properly. That is why it’s so important for friends and family to come together and support the mother-to-be. One way to do this is to figure out some thoughtful baby shower gifts for first-time moms.

Baby Monitor

Although staring at a baby is actually a fun pastime, there are plenty of other things that new parents need to do. That is why getting a good baby monitor should be a top priority; this will ensure the baby is fine even in a different room.


Babies grow at tremendous rates—sometimes, they seem to double in size overnight. As such, new clothes are necessary for the first few years. Getting some baby clothing gift sets can help to offset the constant need for new clothes.

Grooming Kit

Getting a baby grooming kit can be super useful for a new mother, as cleaning up the baby will require special tools. Normal combs and grooming tools can be dangerous for a baby, so grooming kits have special equipment that is safe for babies.

Stroller Organizer

Whenever a baby goes out of the house, you need to bring a lot of things to take care of them. A stroller organizer helps to carry and organize all their necessities, as well as transport the baby themselves. That means that going outside won’t be a hassle.

Time Off

A baby requires a lot of care and needs constant attention, which can quickly drain any parent. A great gift to any parent is to give them some time off from the baby. Offer to watch the baby for them or hire a babysitter, so they can rest and recover. It’ll do them wonders to have a break.

These are just some thoughtful baby shower gifts for first-time mothers. If none of these work for you, look for gifts that provide consistent use instead of gifts with short lifespans.

June 21, 2021 — Iryna Vistovska