Buying a gift for someone you barely know can be one of the most stressful experiences. It can feel like a lot of your potential friendship banks on this gift. Now, that might be an exaggeration, but it can feel like it. One thing you can try is to find a gift that doesn’t require you to know a lot about the person, but that can still bring them joy and good feelings. Here are some brilliant gifts to give someone you don’t know very well.

An Electric Wine Opener

To start off the list, try an electric wine opener. This gift is all about simply improving someone’s enjoyment with drinking. It’s a nice, low-stakes gift—just make sure they drink before you buy it.


Everyone could use a new scented candle for their home. Some scented candle gift sets double as insect repellent as well. This gift is both pleasing to the nose and functional.

Throw Blankets

No matter how many blankets you have, it always seems like you need more. When you don’t know what to get as a gift, throw blankets hit this problem on the head with stylish flair and comfort.

Party Games

Since familiar games can get boring, everyone could use a new party game. That is why a brand-new party game makes for such a good gift. You can bring a fun and refreshing experience to a whole group of people.

Tabletop Books

Although these aren’t the most exciting, they can make for some really cool decorations and entertaining reads. There are so many different tabletop books to choose from, so they’re interesting enough to be great gifts for anyone.

A Personal Fireplace

Not many people know that personal fireplaces are a thing. They’re roughly the size of a mug and can burn clean fuel for nearly an hour. They make for some very interesting decorations and can even cook s’mores.

Throw Pillows

Similar to the throw blanket, throw pillows are great for adding decoration to one’s home. Not only that, they even add some extra padding for guests who need it.

Scent Diffusers

Scent diffusers make for a great gift, as they add to the feel of the entire house. Not only that, but they allow the receiver to have their own preferred scent. Thus, giving one of these gives them a gift they love and can use over and over.


Coasters are the ultimate traditional gift of both function and beauty. Coasters can add so much personality to a room and make for amazing talking points as well. Plus, they help protect furniture from drinks.

A Tile Mat

A tile mat is a great gift for someone you don’t know. These mats can improve so many areas of a home, such as a bathroom or the kitchen. They make for great gifts that anyone can use, and they add personality to the home.

Hand Towels

Many people neglect the atmosphere that some good hand towels can add to a kitchen. With cute phrases or inspirational quotes, they can really put a smile on someone’s face as they enter a kitchen. Thus, this makes them great gifts to just about anyone.

A Buddha Board

A Buddha board is a special type of board meant for creative fun. Using water, you draw on special paper, and soon the drawing disappears. This can be useful as a meditative gift or just to relax and spend some time drawing.


A puzzle is a creative experience for anyone brave enough to tackle the challenge. Puzzles provide hours of fun, and you end up with a piece of artwork you can be proud of. These are great gifts as they bring joy to the receiver and anyone else who helps put the puzzle together.

Potted Plants

A plant is one of the best ways to bring color into a home. Someone receiving a potted plant could place it anywhere they want, and it would look beautiful. Succulents are a great choice, as they are easy to take care of and come in a variety of shapes and colors.


Almost every home has a mug collection, even if it’s only a small one. Adding a mug to that collection is always a good idea, as it gives another mug to drink out of and display. Additionally, mugs come with all sorts of fancy designs to wow someone.

A Tea Sampler

A tea sampler is a simple yet wonderful gift. The receiver can try it on their own time, as they select their favorite kind of tea to sip on. A tea sampler can really open someone up to a great new beverage they’ll enjoy for a long time.

A Drink Holder

Drink holders are all the rage right now. There are several different kinds of holders with their own functions. For example, some prevent heat from burning you while others work as thermostats, keeping your drink warm. No matter what they do, any drink holder will make for a great gift.


A full speaker set is a bit too much for a gift, but small speakers that can attach to a phone can be very useful. You can even gift Bluetooth speakers, so the receiver can use the speaker as they need.

A Letterboard

Letterboards are a perfect gift for someone trying to decorate their home in an interesting way. They allow people to write whatever they want, which makes them useful decorations and functional notepads. Anyone would be happy to have one.

Bath Bombs

A lot of people use bath bombs to relax in a tub. The bombs dissolve in the water, changing it to interesting colors and releasing essential oils and salts. A lot of people love bath bombs and find them very relaxing.

These are just some suggestions on brilliant gifts to give to someone you don’t know very well. There are other gifts that can work as well. The trick is to find something that will provide an experience or improve their home. Look for something that they can use multiple times or over a few days since instant gifts don’t feel as sincere when you’re giving them people you don’t know as well.

Brilliant Gifts To Give Someone You Don't Know Very Well

June 09, 2021 — Iryna Vistovska