Throwing a proper backyard party isn’t as easy as it seems. If anything, it’s more complicated than a family barbecue and will take a bit of work. There’s a lot to juggle, and it requires a lot of careful planning and setup to get the party to look just right. You’ll need to invest time and effort to get your backyard in the proper condition to host a good party. To help you start and organize your planning, we’ve crafted this guide on how to throw a classy backyard garden party.

Pick a Theme

Not every party needs a theme, but it can be beneficial for setting the tone and guiding the rest of your decisions about the party. A theme can be anything, from a costume party to a tea party, to a party about your favorite book. However, try to keep it clean if you want to have a party that people will consider classy.

Set a Dress Code

Once you have chosen a theme, you should look to match that sense with a dress code. It doesn’t need to be a costume party. But if your theme is fancy, you want your dress code to reflect that. For the best results, look to match the dress code to the same feel as your theme.

Have Enough Food

It’s a common problem at many parties—they just never seem to bring enough food for everyone to enjoy. If you want to truly seem classy, make sure you stock enough food to last the entire party. A good place to start is to plan on a full meal for everyone, then factor in the length of the party to supply food every hour. Most people will keep eating for the entire length of the party.

Choose the Correct Food

Providing the right food for your party doesn’t end at getting enough food. You need to get the right type of food for your party. An outdoor party calls for things that are easy to eat while moving around. Things that are quick to eat, or finger foods, will be the best option for an outdoor party.

Go Crazy With Your Dessert

On the opposite side of the spectrum, your desserts are a great place to splurge and get fancy. Small desserts that are easy to carry but provide a fancy eating experience are worth investing in. You can also get sweets that are easy to share, like large cakes, but these will usually require someone to serve them.

Bring the Lights

Lighting is important to any outdoor party. You need to provide a well-lit space for people to see and enjoy. Lighting helps you do exactly that. You can count on natural lighting for midday parties, but the second the sun starts to come down, prepare lighting that’ll help keep the party active and safe. A great way to do this is with a firepit; it’ll bring people together and provide light.

Stop the Bugs

Pretty much the only issue with outdoor parties is the bugs that come with the season. You should invest in a few simple ways to eliminate pesky bugs. There are plenty of scented candles or torches that’ll keep certain bugs away. There are also electrical devices that push away any pests from entering the area.

Set Up Events

The best parties are those where people have something to do. Having a goal in mind will help people loosen up and mingle more naturally than just sitting in an open yard. Run some simple events—like a wine tasting—to get people more comfortable and connected with each other.

Bring Out the Speakers

You should play music at your party! The best option is soft music that won’t distract from the party but will still add sound when things quiet down. Connect your speakers to play some good music. Who knows, it might even become a great conversation starter.

Place Settings

The real difference between a regular party and a classy party is the setting and mood of the event. Place settings are one of the most important factors that contribute to the overall tone of the event. That’s why it’s important to invest in high-quality party tableware supplies.

Set Up Furniture

A classy outdoor party requires the best that you can provide. You should set out heavy-duty items to really make it feel like a proper party. Basic lawn furniture will most likely not cover it, as people will see it and think it’s silly or in poor design. You want comfortable chairs and tables that give off an air of style.

Get a Bartender

A quick way to lose that classy feel is to have people serve their own drinks. People gathering and reaching into fridges will destroy any semblance of elegance your party has. That’s why you should get a bartender, someone who can serve drinks to your guests during the entire party. It doesn’t matter if the bartender is a friend or someone you hire, as long as the guests don’t need to deal with getting their drinks themselves.

Invest in Decorations

A garden party doesn’t require the same level of decoration as an indoor party to dress it up, but you should still look to improve your surroundings with decorations. Statues or potted plants can go a long way to making your yard look perfect. There are plenty of decorative lights that can both brighten up your yard and serve as great centerpieces.


Along with decorations, you should make sure your area is clean and fancy enough to serve as a good garden. This means you should have proper lawncare to get rid of any sick plants and cut your grass so people can use it without worry. You want your garden looking as healthy as possible to host a proper backyard garden party.

These tips on how to throw a classy backyard garden party should help you run a party you can be proud of. Just be sure that you plan the party well in advance to give yourself the time you need to get everything in order.

How To Throw a Classy Backyard Garden Party

July 30, 2021 — Iryna Vistovska