Gifting something to a friend is always difficult because it’s a statement on your friendship. But it becomes much more challenging when they seem to have everything that you could get them. Luckily, there are still some things that even they probably don’t have. Here’re some meaningful gift ideas for the friend who has everything.

Time With You

One thing that money can’t buy is a deeper relationship and bonding time with someone. That’s why spending time with your friend can be a great gift. Plan a night on the town or fun events you can do together to help bring you closer to each other.

An Experience

Another thing that’s great for the friend who has it all is to get them something they can do. Go for something that helps them create memories, such as a trip to another country or a weekend getaway to a theme park. Things that they’ll remember for a long time because of how fun they are will mean a lot to them.


Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting an actual object to give to your friend as a gift. Jewelry makes for a great gift, as you can always have more jewelry to match with different outfits. It’s best to get unique jewelry that you can’t find in other places. You can always find and buy bracelets online that you couldn’t get elsewhere, for example.

Something Handmade

Another thing you should keep in mind when getting a meaningful gift is to try finding something handmade. This means that it should be unique. You can also look to make something yourself, such as some artwork, as a gift. This can be a really heartfelt present.

These are just some meaningful gift ideas for the friend who has everything. There are other things you can get that’ll hold just as much meaning. Just use these ideas as inspiration and try to find something that reflects your feelings about your friend.

July 19, 2021 — Iryna Vistovska